Raptors and other migratory birds are protected under the MBTA. Bald and golden eagles are also protected under the BGEPA. These acts prohibits anyone without a permit from the FWS from “taking” any part of these birds, their eggs or their nests. This includes removing an active nest or disturbing an adult bird so that it abandons the nest, causing the eggs or young to die. When performing work on your property, you must watch for these important birds and avoid impacting them as part of your work.

The FWS and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) also recommend buffers during the active breeding season to prevent disturbing these birds. The active breeding season and the recommended width of buffers differs for each bird species. If nests are on your property near your planned project, call your local CPW representative to determine what steps should be taken to prevent the take of migratory birds (including bald and golden eagles).