CSU Extension

The Colorado State University Extension is a division of Colorado State University that provides an incredible wealth of information. This information ranges from agriculture, to veterinary/animal health, to insects, to natural resources, to finances, to yard and garden. The Extension website has a wide variety of online tools, publications and links to other websites. The website even has an ‘Ask an Expert’ page where you can submit questions for experts to reply to. The website is also available in Spanish.

Colorado Water Trust

Similar to many of the other nonprofit organizations, the Colorado Water Trust focuses on restoring streams and rivers throughout Colorado. They differ from the other nonprofits in that they are able to restore flows on streams and rivers by using market-based transactions. This means that they are dealing with historical water rights more than onthe-ground improvement projects. The Colorado Water Trust uses three program areas: Water Rights Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions and Consulting Services. If your project involves water rights, the Colorado Water Trust is a great resource for learning more about the implications of your project, as well as creative solutions to challenges you may face.

Colorado State Forest Service

The Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) is a service and outreach agency of Colorado State University. Their mission is “to achieve stewardship of Colorado’s diverse forest environments for the benefit of present and future generations.” (csfs.colostate.edu). They provide valuable assistance and resources on forest and land management, tree species, insects and wildfire mitigation. They also have a seedling tree nursery which provides landowners with bare root and container seedlings for conservation efforts at a low cost. This includes areas that need reforestation as a result of fire or floods.

Colorado National Heritage Program

The Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP) is a nonprofit organization that is sponsored by Colorado State University’s Warner College of Natural Resources. More specifically, they are sponsored by the College’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology. They focus on Colorado’s rare, threatened and
endangered species and habitats. As mentioned in the ‘Vegetation’┬ásection of the Questionnaires in Chapter 2, the CNHP website provides access to two great guides on Colorado wetlands and wetland plant species, as well as a rare plant guide. The CNHP also offers environmental review services to a variety of clients.

The nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is an international nonprofit organization focused on the conservation and preservation of ecological resources. Their activities include purchasing land for conservation, as well as helping to fund conservation projects. In addition to this, The Nature Conservancy also publishes educational pieces that many landowners use to learn about conservation methods being used across the globe. The Nature Conservancy is headquartered out of Virginia and they do have a Colorado field office in Boulder.

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Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WLRV) is a Colorado nonprofit organization that builds and installs conservation projects in Colorado and Wyoming. Their projects range greatly in size and timeframe. As a landowner within a watershed, you can consider volunteering to help build projects with the WLRV. This can be a great way to learn about restoration and stewardship techniques, as well as meet other local people interested in stream and land conservation. If you have a project that you need installation help with, WLRV may be able to help you.

Colorado Trout Unlimited

Colorado Trout Unlimited is a state chapter of the National organization Trout Unlimited. Within the state chapter, there are 23 local chapters. These nonprofit organizations work with landowners, government agencies and consultants to improve the fisheries and fish habitat throughout the state. This often includes stream restoration projects, as well as educational workshops and fundraising events. Donating to or volunteering with Trout Unlimited can lead to new knowledge and connections within the Colorado fly fishing network. If your project has a heavier fishery or fish habitat aspect to it, Trout Unlimited may be able to offer you some assistance with completing the project.