Stewardship and Recovery Strategies

Once you have completed the ‘Landowner Assessment Questionnaires’, the ‘Stream Classification Guide’ and recorded your answers/notes on the ‘Landowner Assessment Worksheet’ in Chapter 2, you should have a general idea of the types of stewardship and recovery strategies that are applicable to your property. In this chapter, you will learn the details of specific strategies ranging from stream re-alignment to invasive weed management. The ‘Stewardship and Recovery Strategy Chart’ lists all of the strategies contained in this chapter, searchable by which objectives they can accomplish. Using your notes on the Landowner Assessment Worksheet, you can easily see which strategies will help you accomplish your goals. You can then review each of those strategy sheets and decide which strategies may be a good fit for you and your property.

While many of these strategies can be done without professional engineering or permits, many of them will require these. For any project, if you are unsure if a permit or engineering will be required, contact your local watershed coalition and/ or the agency in charge of administering that permit. There is a summary chart of the potential permits, as well as detailed discussions of each one, in the ‘Permitting Requirements’ section of this chapter.

Following recommendations for when to contact a professional engineer, environmental consultant, landscape architect and/or river constructor will make sure that your project has the final outcome that you desire. It will also check that the project does not impact the stream corridor or upstream and downstream properties in a negative way. Permits and regulations have been put in place to protect you as well as other property owners and the stream system.