An important part of living along a stream is knowing when you can or should contact outside help. While there are many government and non-profit resources available to you (discussed in the ‘Resources Directory’), certain projects or concerns will require you to engage a paid professional. When you engage these paid professionals, there are certain things that will be helpful to know or keep in mind, including what you should be looking for when selecting a paid professional. The following pages include information about each of the four main categories of professional consulting and construction services you may need to work with.

Engineers & Geomorphologists

Design and calculate the impacts of designs on floodplains/floodways

Landscape Architects

Design and organize spaces for various uses within a property


Riparian plant installation and weed control


Wetlands, plants and animal specialists

Contractors/ River Constructors

Build (and sometimes design) in-stream projects

Collaborative Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Teams with all or some of the above consultants working together on complex projects

While each section lists some ways of finding a qualified consultant or contractor, one of the best ways is to talk to your local watershed coalition, your neighbors and anyone else you meet within your watershed. Chances are that one of them will have had an experience with a similar type of project and they may have a recommendation for who to contact.