Your local watershed coalition is a great resource for learning more about your watershed, connecting with other landowners along your stream and working to better the overall stream corridor. The watershed coalitions identify funding methods and work with a diverse range of stakeholders including private landowners, governments and non-profit organizations to implement restoration projects. The coalitions also play a major role in distributing and allocating federal funding for flood recovery projects. Contact your local coalition to see if they can help you secure resources to implement a project.

Left Hand Watershed Center

The Left Hand Watershed Center works with residents and partners along Lefthand, James and Little James Creeks in Boulder County. The mission of the Left Hand Watershed Center is “to assess, protect, and restore the quality of our watershed, and to serve as a hub for watershed issues through the fostering of stakeholder collaboration.” ( View the LWOG Master Plan.

Big Thompson Watershed Coalition

The Big Thompson Watershed Coalition (BTWC) is a coalition consisting of governments,
private landowners, and non-profit organizations that are working together to implement
sustainable restoration of the Big Thompson River after the 2013 flood. Their mission is
“to protect and restore the ecological health of the Big Thompson Watershed for the use
and enjoyment of our community today and for future generations.” (
View the BTWC Master Plan.

Little Thompson Watershed Coalition

The Little Thompson Watershed Restoration Coalition (LTWC) is a group of landowners and
stakeholders whose mission is “to restore and maintain the resiliency, ecological integrity and
agricultural heritage of the Little Thompson River watershed for future generations.” (
View the LTWC Master Plan

Saint Vrain Creek Coalition

The Saint Vrain Creek Coalition’s (SVCC) mission is “to implement the Saint Vrain Creek
Master Plan and pursue recovery from flood impacts, resiliency to natural hazards, and
protection of the natural character and multiple uses of the Saint Vrain watershed, through
broad stakeholder engagement and collaboration.” (
View the SVCC Master Plan.

Colorado Watershed Assembly

In addition to the four watershed coalitions that were involved in the creation of this Handbook, there are over 80 watershed coalitions across the state of Colorado. The Colorado Watershed Assembly has a directory of all active watershed coalitions, as well as many other watershed related resources.