Living Along a Stream

Living along a stream, creek or river places you and your family next to a beautiful natural amenity. Part of that natural beauty is the wildlife, plants, and ecosystems that are a part of the area. These are all inter-connected to each other and to how the stream functions. Because streams flow through many other properties, your property is also connected to these other properties. In order to better understand these connections, this chapter will look at considerations that are unique to streamside properties. This will begin with your property and then will move to looking at the longer riparian corridor. After that, you will learn about what your role can be within the larger watershed and what you can do to be a good stream steward.

A good stream steward is someone who understands and respects the value of a healthy stream system and treats the stream in ways that will benefit the entire stream corridor and watershed. Good stream stewardship also includes the idea that we are all responsible for treating our streams responsibly.

Simple ways to be a good stream steward:


Know Your Watershed


Another important part of living along a stream is understanding the flood risks associated with your property. High seasonal flows and large floods are a natural function of streams and rivers. As a landowner, there are ways you can prepare both your property and your family for when these events occur. In this chapter, you will learn ways to be prepared for a large flood event and about a number of very useful resources available to you for flood preparation and emergency help. Finally, the chapter will help you to assess damage to your property immediately after a flood in order to begin a recovery plan.