Identifying the type of stream on your property is an important step to understanding how and why the stream behaves the way it does. Within the stream stewardship and recovery profession, there are technical stream classification systems that have been widely accepted. Two of the most recognized classification systems are River Styles Framework and Rosgen’s Stream Classification System. You can learn more about both of these systems, how they are used for restoration work and how your stream fits into them in the ‘Technical Stream Classification Systems’ section in Chapter 5. For this Handbook, we have provided a simplified classification system based on the same principles as these systems. The factors you will be evaluating and classifying on the following pages are your stream’s Entrenchment, Stream Slope and Primary Bed Material. Please record your answers on the ‘Landowner Assessment Worksheet’ at the beginning of this chapter so that you have your stream’s information easily available when determining the details of your stewardship and recovery projects.

Classifying Your Stream Entrenchment

Classifying Your Primary Streambed Material