Each of the strategy sheets is arranged in a consistent format to make it quick and easy to compare strategies, or find out basic information about them. Below is an example of one of the strategy sheets with notes showing you where to find the information that will be on every sheet. Although details will vary for each strategy and each project, these ‘quick facts’ will give you a general idea of what a project will entail. Some sheets are a front and back, and others are just a single page.

To access the Strategy Sheets, visit the Stewardship Strategy Chart and click on the objectives to view the related strategies.

Strategy Title
Green Background indicates outside help (engineering, planning and/or permitting) will be needed regardless of project details.

Cost Range
Approximate range of installation cost compared with other strategies.

Difficulty of Install
Approximate difficulty to install compared with other strategies.

Permitting Required
Permits required
Permits may be required
Permits not required in most cases

Heavy Equipment Required
Equipment required
Equipment may be required
Equipment not required

Materials and Tools
Recommended materials and tools for installation.