Plant Specialists (Riparian Plant Installation and Weed Control)

Type of work/when to contact:

Projects that you need help with planting or seeding riparian areas. If you need assistance with weed control, especially herbicide application.


Herbicide applicators should have proper licenses for applying the chemicals.

Where to find a plant specialist:

Speak to local watershed coalitions, look for companies online and read reviews.


Can vary greatly depending on type of work and size of project. The fee can be determined by lump sum or by time and materials. You should receive a detailed summary/breakdown of the proposed construction costs prior to work beginning.

What to ask:

Experience with similar and nearby projects, client/landowner references, what are their best management practices.

Riparian Plant Installation

While there are many good landscape companies, finding one that has experience in riparian restoration plantings can be very important. Companies that specialize in riparian work will know details such as willow stakes can only be planted while dormant, or how close to the water table and stream different types of plants need to be. These companies should also be much more capable of reading riparian restoration construction documents, as well as being able to install vegetative streambank stabilization projects such as vegetated soil lifts.

Weed Herbicide Applicators

Although some herbicides can be applied by the landowner, others are labeled “restricted use” and must be applied by a commercial applicator that is licensed by the state. If you plan to use a commercial applicator for a weed infestation on your property, there are a few things that the applicator should know. They should be knowledgeable of applying herbicides in nearby rangeland and riparian settings. They should also have the appropriate equipment for spraying near/around desired vegetation that you want to keep. They should be familiar with noxious and invasive weeds as well.