In addition to consultants, there are a number of other outside resources available to you as a landowner. These range from watershed coalitions, to government agencies, to University Extension services, to non-profit organizations and volunteer groups. The following pages contain a ‘directory’ of the outside resources that are most likely to be of use to you. The ‘directory’ contains a brief description of how they may be able to help you, as well as contact information.

Government Agencies

Government agencies, from the federal level down to your local county and town/city, are the ones who regulate and administer the permits that may be required for your project. These permits are discussed in more detail in the 'Permitting Requirements' section of...

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Watershed Coalitions

Your local watershed coalition is a great resource for learning more about your watershed, connecting with other landowners along your stream and working to better the overall stream corridor. The watershed coalitions identify funding methods and work with a diverse...

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